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Birth Series, Valérie Crausaz 2007/2008

Renaissance Val¨¦rie Crausaz

Renaissance Val¨¦rie Crausaz 1

Renaissance Val¨¦rie Crausaz 2

Renaissance Val¨¦rie Crausaz 3

Renaissance Val¨¦rie Crausaz 4

Val¨¦rie Crausaz, Galerie HD Nick, Aubais, December 2007

" Fear of the empty space ", this rule of composition that was so important to the school of Roman sculpture, has been adopted by Val¨¦rie Crausaz for a long time. And this observation has confirmed in this edition of 3 lino-engravings which evoke the theme of birth.

On a sombre background, the figures in bright violent colours move about in an animalistic spectacle. Mother and child, their bodies intertwined, nestling together, almost fighting with each other. There is no softness, only a brimful of joy for this dance of life all the same restrained in this formatˇ­..with always this fear of the empty spaceˇ­

Marielle BARASCUD - November 2007

Galerie HD Nick

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